Celina Hirsch Rolmar is designing with austerity; her heart belongs to the classic line and feeling. She follows the "less is more" precept and the right moment for ending a project is when the curve is smiling; no more, no less.

As a designer Celina continuously chooses quality over quantity, as the material chosen has a specific value for the perception of the design.

She passionately believes in the childish and curious behaviour of touching everything to see if it's hard, cold, smooth, absorbing or rough. To reassure the mind that the carving you thought would feel wonderful, really does.

This gesture lies latent in the original thought of the design. The careful examination of the object, as soft as you would briefly touch someone you adore on the shoulder when passing them by.

The ubiquitous graphic and synchronous lines adds to calm the mind and take the item in without wonder and uncertainty.

As the functional values satisfies the grown up mindset Celina Rolmar also aims for letting the design have childish secrets, beautiful details you have to look for, buried in the obvious aesthetics.